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Exciting Fast-Track Software Development Training!



Software Development refers to the process of developing and building computer programs by using a specific set of activities including creating, designing, deploying, testing, fixing bugs and supporting the software or the components related to it till the very end. This pr...

  • 10th May 7-8:30 am

Live Webinar on Software Testing Career Guidance!

here will describe complete about manual testing, automation testing, appium testing and devops... if you want to make your career as a tester and want to get high packages you have to update your self with new technologies... so be ready for a wonderful session with our experts.

Job Position or Application area

From being a test&n...

  • 13 -May-2021 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Software Testing Career Guidance!

It is a type of Software Testing in which test cases are performed manually by a software tester without the usage of any kind of Automation tool. It’s motive is to recognize the issues, bugs, errors and defects in the software application. Manual Software Testing is the most basic technique of all other Testing types and it helps in finding crucial bugs and errors in the software applica...

  • 24-April-2021 at 6:30 to 7:30 PM