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  • 09 Jun, 2021

Facebook is yet another Social Media Platform to market your products and services. With the daily active million user base, you can easily reach tonnes of people with just few tactics you can play on Facebook. It can also assist you to get found more effortlessly in search, build a community around your business, encourage the content you build, and expand sturdy brand uniqueness.


As we have already discussed about Lead Generation in our previous article "10 Ways to Get More Instagram Leads!", which involves the process of generating the interest of customers for company's product or service with the aim of converting that interest into a potential sale. Now, let's dive in deeper to understand ways about generating lead through Facebook.




Facebook Lead Generation is about generating consumers' interest by using "Facebook" platform with the goal of converting them into prospective buyers by providing you their information in some way. The ideas may vary in a multiple of ways, to name a few : filling out a form, requesting a demo, or completing an online survey.


Facebook leads are mainly of 2 types :


(1) DIRECT LEADS : These are generated by the content distribution that directly links back to a form on your website, where visitors can share information in exchange for some offer such as, coupons, infographics or any sort of piece of content. This form resides on a landing page dedicated to that exact offer.


(2) INDIRECT LEADS : These are generated by Facebook on the pathway to conversions. For example, if you shared a blog post with a call-to-action button to a landing page at the bottom of the post, your Facebook page will help the visitors to take directly to that landing page, which holds that information.




(1) LEAD GENERATION OFFER POSTS : Pin lead generation offer posts to the top of your news feed. A pinned post will be highlighted above the other posts on your feed by remaining at the top of your feed for up to a week. After a week, it will automatically be pushed down in your newsfeed on the date it was published. Any kind of posts, including those with live video can be pinned. A pinned post is identified by a blue and white push pin icon located on the top right of the post.


(2) LANDING PAGE OFFERS : Include links to landing page offers in facebook. Instead of writing huge paragraphs regarding your current offer or promotion, write a brief about the topic (in teaser form) to capture the attention of reader. Add a link to a specially designed landing page on your website. Be sure the message clearly communicates where the viewer will be sent. For much better impression, you can also include a high-quality picture along with the text.


(3) BLOG POSTS : Feature your most popular blog posts. You can also use previously uploaded blog post content, if you want and feature it on your business Facebook page, especially when that blog post continually generated leads and engagements for you. Be sure they feature a CTA high up in the content. The CTA should be a solution to a problem or something the readers will want to learn more about. Also consider using the CTA in the anchor text.


(4) LANDING PAGE LINKS : Use landing page links in image captions. Posts with images grabs much attention than that of text-only ones. Include links to landing pages on your website within their descriptions, when using images in your posts, profile picture and cover photos. This way it would be easy for people to know more about your company and get in business with you.


(5) FACEBOOK ADVERTISING : These allow you to gather qualified leads from highly focused audience groups at a low price. It lets you select your daily advertising budget and advertising campaign duration. In addition, you can also drill down to as specific a targeted audience as you want, with a host of targeting options ranging from age and location to interests and hobbies. Facebook ads are sophisticated, easy to use, cost-effective and allows potential customers to connect with your company without needing to leave Facebook.




Sometimes the best way to learn about your customers is to just ask questions to them. That’s exactly what Facebook lead ads (sometimes called Facebook lead forms) do. These may be the right solution, in case your objectives include market research, customer feedback, or even increasing conversion. These are promoted forms, which allow marketers to capture details from customers while offering opportunities to connect, such as newsletter subscriptions, demo requests, or contest registration.


When someone clicks on a lead ad, they presented with a form that’s pre-populated with information from their Facebook profile. The rest can be completed in a few easy taps. Another advantage Facebook lead generation ads offer is that generated leads can be synced directly with your company’s customer-relationship management system or downloaded as a .CSV file. This allows marketers to follow-up more efficiently, which is vital for closing the deal.




A Facebook for Business page helps you in connecting with your customers and offer key information about your business, products, services and upcoming events. When creating a Facebook for Business page, include basic contact information about your business, and be sure to engage with your followers.


A Facebook business page is a free resource that helps businesses connect with their customers and grow their online audience. Like a personal Facebook profile, your Facebook business page can send and receive messages, post updates, get notifications, and like, comment and share other Facebook users' and pages' content. Some notable benefits of Facebook for business are, it lessens your marketing costs, boosts your web traffic, improves SEO, etc.




Facebook is a powerful social media platform for building relationships with potential customers and keeping it stronger with the current ones. It is a powerful lead generation tool that you can include in your sales lead qualification process. From customizing your business page to formatting your promotions to narrowly targeting your audience, this social media platform proves to be something, no sales and marketing team would be without. It's not possible to cover each and every way in a single article as there are a whole lot number of ways to gain leads from Facebook. Though, we have covered the most important ones in this article. Stay tuned for more such amazing blog posts.