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‘Online Reach, following, engagement, and leads through social media

 ‘Online Reach, following, engagement, and leads through social media
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  • 13 Jun, 2021

‘Online Reach, following, engagement, and leads through social media are all part of digital marketing which is booming especially after the pandemic. After the pandemic, even the smallest business shifted to online businesses to add value to their potential consumers as well as expand digitally with time because it is crystal clear that digital marketing will be the compulsion for every business to grow and build a personal brand. Social Media like Facebook, Instagram,    Pinterest helps in promoting their brand through their valuable content. After having a social media account you aim to grow your audience through it. Right?

Now the point is how to grow through organic reach, increase engagement and followers and generate leads?  Organic reach in simple words means reaching the maximum possible visitors without any paid advertisement i.e just by creating valuable and educational content. Organic reach is the best way to grow your business overall.

Social media needs to show clients just the content that is engaging and drop all the other things. Online media algorithms reflect Google's.

Social Media is adopting its own type of SEO in a manner that promotes a positive client experience. The manner in which this calculation works is by placing your posts(content) in a pool as little as one percent of your followers. And if those individuals engage with the posts, it gets introduced into a bigger pool of people. Gradually, reaching more and more people, only if the content is engaging.

This is immense data, yet it doesn't help you since you don't have a clue what Facebook and online media considers engaging.

The top picks to grow organically, engaging and reaching followers and generating leads is ­ Do Keyword research and publish relevant content

Keyword research is meaning what your target audience is actually searching on google. Based on that keyword you make content with an intention to solve the user's problem or give an answer to the user's query. It takes a backseat compared to SEO. But don't consider this to be an outdated process.

Using keyword research you come across what people care about and using the right SEO tools you can identify and sort your content. In this way you can tackle and provide the solution to the targeted audience, increasing engagement and leads at the same time

Understand your target audience

Leverage social media according to the target audience. You should know where your audience is. Businesses assume their audience to be present on every Social Media. But that is a wrong perception. It is similar to a vegetarian foodie going to a Biryani restaurant to explore food.

Say your target audience is on Linkedin so instead of focusing on other Social media you should put all your content on LinkedIn trying to engage with potential consumers, increasing followers and leads. Ways to know where your audience is?

Use a Survey method and ask your best clients which social platform they use for personal and business purposes.  Keep track of your competitor. Where your competitor is posting their Content and how they are engaging with their followers.

Check your share counts on your blog i.e who is sharing your blog, where they are sharing, and then figure out which platform they are using or they are more into.

Communicate and engage with your followers

After posting SEO friendly Content to your target audience at the right place, you need to follow­up with your followers


and answer their comments which can be a question or a query or suggestion. It will not help in increasing followers but also crease personal branding. Your followers will search for your posts since they'll be really intrigued by the thing you're doing.

Producing that kind of bond is significant for all parts of your business, yet it can make a viral impact on your organic reach. Word of mouth will spread across new followers from your crowd and they will thus come and see what your organization has to bring to the table.